Silvia Basuki

Meilinda’s Food Intelligence workshop was awesome! I finally understood that eating is actually something very emotional and where my digestion problems came from. I had a receiving issue and difficulties digesting life in itself, so I wasn’t able to gain weight especially since I changed my diet into much healthier and vegetarian. Moreover, I love cheesecake in all varieties, but my favorite is my mum’s version. Now I know that every time I crave for cheesecake, I long for my mum’s love and attention, because she often makes this one just for me, since she knows it’s my favorite. So the taste of cream cheese calms that emotion I am looking for. However, this craving has become much less, since I started my journey with Master Umesh in his Awaken the Divine You Program and also had private sessions working on my issues I had with my mum. Moreover I used to have a very serious allergy against apples (actually apples would have killed me), which I was able to clear in one single past life regression, where I had been poisoned with an apple. I am very grateful to Meilinda, her workshop was very helpful to me, I can remember I was crying in one meditation session, because I found out that deep in my heart I was not happy with my life, especially not with my job. I had always thought I was a happy person. A few weeks after that workshop I quit my job and am moving towards my life purpose now to open up the Golden Space in Austria very soon. Meilindas workshop was very informative and we had fun as well, so I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in food and emotions, go for it! 🙂

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