Grace Lesmana

The Golden Space Indonesia is not a place where you learn and forget; not a place to heal and move on and not a place where you are walking alone and later forgotten. TGSI is the place where your heart be the commander of your life, and your mind to be the follower; not the other way around. The place where you are freely express your problems, getting all of your emotions and loving the gifts that you have inside of you. The place where unconditional love exists, gifts are shown and developed with no judgements and pure intentions.

TGSI is a home where the family members does not make me feel small or weak. They do not tell me to laugh or smile when I want to be angry and cry. And they do not tell me to express when all I need is time to be alone and in silence. But they are watching over me, to make sure I am alright and to remind me, I am loved and to open my mind that I never was alone

For me, TGSI is a shelter for my heart, a home for my soul and a playground for my mind. The place that full of pure-hearted family members to show you that after all, unconditional love and freedom to be yourself is what make you feel alive and strong, feel loved, peaceful and balanced and are not that what we all want?

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