Robby Soedargo

It was a fun, informative, and heartfelt workshop. Robin conducted the class with an amazing energy and held the space really well and made the participants to open up our hearts to share our feelings and childhood and parenting experiences. Some of the sharings really touched my heart and inspired me to be the best parent I can be.

I received a lot of healing by identifying, acknowledging, and letting go of some of my childhood negative experiences and relationships with my mother, so that I don’t repeat and impart the same negative emotions and energies to my baby daughter (even unconsciously).
One of my biggest realization is that I need to continue to work on myself to be the best and most positive and happy version of myself, so that then I will be the best parent and example to my daughter, and allow her to be the best version of herself and have the most happy and fulfilling life. Happy parents lead to happy children, not the other way round.
Thank you for the beautiful class and wonderful experience.


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