Do you feel at home with your family? Do you feel overwhelmed and burdened with parental responsibilities? Do you wish to have more peace, love and joy in your family? Home is where the heart is and the journey starts with you. Empower yourself consciously and live in true harmony!

Conscious Parenting Experience

Designed to clear old programming, emotional blockages and empower conscious parents living in harmony.

  • 1x Alignment session (1 hr), 1x Clarity session (1 hr) & 1x Empowerment workshop (8 hrs)
  • Total duration: 10 hours

Harmonious Experience

Designed to align, rejuvenate and nurture the bond between children and parents with respect and unconditional love.

  • 1x Alignment session (1 hr), 1x Clarity session (1 hr) & 2x Meditation Class (1.5 hrs)
  • Total duration: 5 hours
  • Additional child pricing available upon request