Seeking Answers

We can create many reasons not to do something. We can make as many excuses to ourselves, and others, as we like, and let life slip and slide by, until we are brought face to face with our own mortality in some way.

It can happen early in life, it can happen later, it may not happen until our last day on this planet. I like to think that each of us has asked the question that has never been fully answered. Maybe some never ask?!


“Why am I here?”

“Why do I exist?”

With all the questions we have, as seekers, we go off looking for answers. We get other people’s points of view, study religions of the world, trace our own family tree, look at our talents – all to find a reason for our own existence, and make sense of our world.

None of us can access the complete picture, but we can get closer to our answers when we go back to our Source, to our Divine Nature, our True Self.

We have then chosen our Path to understanding.


The World We Have Created

Our natural ways of existence are now so far removed because of our human constructs – everything we’ve done with our brains. Visibly and invisibly.

We have built the most amazing cities, churches, temples, and bridges. We have art galleries filled with amazing creations, and our homes with incredible inventions. We have travel and food experiences on a scale never seen before.

All of these things are available to us, well, to those of us in the world who have the money to experience them. Of course, we’ve uprooted the natural world to make these creations happen, and we practice a lot of the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

We have also created “cages” for our own thoughts. What we think we can or can’t do, what others think of us, what has happened to us in this lifetime, what has affected us and how we constantly test ourselves, etc.

Now, the study of the mind, and the way to bring peace back to it, is left mainly in the hands of people using a lot of logic, science and medication. We depend on them to help us find our way out.


There is another way.


The Retreat

Why is it that everything has become a “factory”?

And why, with all the food and wealth created in the world, is there still a great imbalance?

Why can’t we get the balance right?

Because we ourselves are imbalanced with how we regard life.

And that is why we need the Retreat.


Finding Ourselves In Retreat

Questions arise all the time. When you go on retreat, it is a working-for-soul experience. It’s not the same as taking a holiday with your friend. It is personal. It is letting go, and throwing yourself into all the meditative/cultural experiences you have the opportunity to feel.

You may be sharing a room with strangers at the retreat – let it be that way, there are energetic reasons, including karmic ones.

With everyone you meet during these intense lessons, you will have made friends for life – brothers and sisters from all walks of life, all who are looking for answers themselves.

The whole idea is to provide the best opportunity for you to rapidly, and safely, raise your own Soul/Divine Self’s vibration by cleansing and shedding ego behaviors, and bring you back to who you were born to be. You then take this transformed Self, because you are transformed at every retreat, back into your own work, and “Be” the greatest you can be in this lifetime with what you have learned. You are completely free to follow your path.

It’s funny, I’ve done acting classes that do the same thing – peeling back the layers of the onion – but with ego so strongly involved in such a competitive industry – it lacked the universal love and support.

Having said that, at Delphi “Know Thyself” is the greatest thing to learn – and many of the greatest actors are great because they understand the human condition. The goal of retreats though is not about being in character. You find and accept yourself as you are, and learn to move forward in a new way.

As for feeling the Love – remember that our only benchmark for this kind of intense feeling has come from a lover, not parents, or family, and now you get to feel Universal Love, and give it indiscriminately to everyone. Now that is worth cultivating – remember all the teachings that you know from the masters who have walked this world In Love.


Going Back To Love

I found something I wrote almost ten years ago. It’s funny, because I’d been listening to Mahler, and pondering on death. I know better than that, now. My energy will exist forever.


The music was playing. I thought about death.

As you near death, the music gets louder. The strings move with the strains of your heart. Everything is heightened and so, so colorful. The intensity of hanging onto life brings with it a depth you would otherwise never know. And yet, to yield to the calling voices, the voices that know you are tired, is to give oneself up to the Creator, and be lifted by angelic hands, and soothed by angelic sounds that wash over you to make you glow, and make you feel whole and alive in the very moment that you escape the vessel that’s housed you for so many years.

And the release is pure joy and love.

And the mistakes don’t matter.

And the hurts don’t matter.

All that matters is that you Loved.

That you loved the small things.

That you did your best as a human.

That you minimized hurting people, inflicting things on people. That you were good. As good as you could be.

And no matter what life dealt you in return, even all the unresolved things – at least you lived – lived to experience them.

To experience what it means to be human.

I’ve been singing this “song” since I was little. I had to find my way back to those feelings of knowing that there is a great energy and life force in this world. One that is Universal – that at this time is uniting all of us above and beyond any religion.

As for the complete picture I’ve been searching for – WE COME FROM LOVE AND WE GO BACK TO LOVE.

That is all.

And there is no longer any question.


Acknowledgments: I have gone to places that we all know and need to remember, and it is with the greatest gratitude I give my Love to Master Umesh H. Nandwani and Sushila Devi, both my teachers.


Inspired by Alison Siemon

Alison Siemon practices mediumship and Flower Reading in Australia and she has a background in music, acting, musical theatre, writing and teaching. Alison travels extensively, learning from her teachers and through her own experiences that the world we live in is magic! Her business is Meditation~Creation, and she has published two spiritual books for children, one of which is entitled, Amanda Annanda and the Library Book Box. Drop Alison a line via email at ajsiemon@yahoo.com

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